Before Your Surgery:

Prior to your procedure:

  • You will receive a call from a representative of our office who will review your insurance coverage and subsequent financial responsibilities to the Surgery Center. During this conversation, you will be apprised of any co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance requirements due on the date of service based on your specific insurance plan coverage.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification of any financial information provided to you.
A member of our staff will contact you prior to your surgery date to verify your appointment time and arrival, discuss pre-operative preparation instructions and answer any questions you may have. To prevent delay or cancellation on the day of surgery please adhere to the following guidelines:

Food and Drink: Please refrain from eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before your surgery unless directed otherwise by your doctor.

  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours prior to your arrival time.
  • Do not smoke or vape any product for 24 hours prior to surgery.


  • Take your usual medication with a sip of water before leaving home unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.
  • Patients using inhalers should bring it with them the day of surgery.
  • Some of your usual medications may need to be stopped prior to your surgery. Discuss this with your surgeon.
  • Herbal medications may have harmful effects on the surgery. We request that you stop these medications two weeks before surgery. Please remember to mention these remedies to nurses and physicians when being asked about medication.

Makeup, Nail Polish, Jewelry (including body piercing jewelry):

  • Please remove all of these items prior to your arrival at the Center.


  • Wear flat shoes and loose, casual, comfortable clothing to that will fit over any surgical dressings.


  • We ask you to leave jewelry and other valuables at home.

Notify the Center & Your Surgeon if:

  • You have an elevated temperature, cough, cold, vomiting or diarrhea between your last visit to the surgeon and the day of your surgery.
  • You suspect you may be pregnant.
  • You are taking: diet pills, aspirin, ibuprofen, herbal medications, or vape any product. These items can greatly affect anesthesia and outcome.

The Day Of Surgery:

  • Please arrive at the surgery center one hour prior to your scheduled surgery time unless instructed otherwise.
  • Please bring your government issued I.D. credit card(s) and insurance card(s) and any co-pay or deductible amounts discussed during your conversation with our financial counselor.
  • Please bring a copy of your Advance Directive if you should have one.
  • Interpreter - If the patient cannot read, speak English or use sign language, an interpreter is required. If you need assistance arranging for an interpreter, please contact our scheduler at 949-387-9700 as early as possible.
  • Legal Guardian - A legal guardian must be in the center AT ALL TIMES if the patient is a child or a dependent adult.
  • You must make arrangements in advance to have a responsible adult drive you home from the surgery center. You will be sedated or receive anesthesia during your visit, therefore you are not allowed to drive yourself home or take public transportation or taxis.
  • Please plan to have a responsible adult stay with you for 24 hours after your surgery. This is a requirement and your surgery may be canceled if no arrangements for care have been made.

After Your Surgery:

Once you are in stable condition, you will be discharged. It is normal to experience sleepiness, dizziness and mild discomfort after surgery.

Post Care:

You will receive verbal and written post-surgical care instructions (please follow these instructions). If you experience anything unusual after your surgery, please call your surgeon or go to the nearest emergency room. A nurse from our center will call you the next day after your surgery to check on your recovery.


You cannot drive yourself home or use public transportation after your procedure. A friend or relative or dedicated caregiver MUST stay with you for 24 hours.